Tandem Skydive

Scenic view Over Niagara Falls on the flight to altitude

How much does it cost?


+ $3 booking fee

Please Note:

Our rates include everything necessary to make a tandem skydive (gear, training, etc).



Media Packages / Extras

Inside Video

Professional inside video & pictures (Your instructor will take your video using a handy-cam for an up-close one of a kind perspective of your skydive)

Package includes a fully edited video of your skydive including digital photos to take home!


Outside video

Professional outside video & pictures (Professional videographer accompanies you on your skydive)

Package includes a fully edited video of your skydive including digital photos to take home!



Deluxe Video

Best of both worlds! This package is both Professional Inside and Outside video & pictures. Your instructor will take handy-cam while at the same time a professional videographer accompanies you on your skydive. Both will be edited together for the ultimate video package. Best value!

Package includes a fully edited video of your skydive including digital photos to take home!



VIP Package

The Ultimate package.

Tandem skydive, Deluxe video, T-Shirt, Private instruction, Celebratory drink and more.

Call for details!

(716) 783-1100



Bring home a piece of the ultimate experience!


The Drop Inn

Stay at The Drop Inn

The onsite Log Home for the Ultimate Experience!

How it works

Upon arrival, you will check in and begin a short class, paperwork and watch a video explaining your skydive.
​This process generally only takes about 20 minutes and upon completion, you will be paired with your instructor to go over the entire skydive. 

The Ground Prep

Next, you will be geared up and fitted with a state of the art harness system designed specifically for tandem skydiving and will then board a customized aircraft with your instructor. On the climb to altitude (up to 12,000ft!!!), you will enjoy captivating views of the Niagara Falls, The Toronto Skyline, the Great Lakes,  the rolling countryside, and all the beauty Western New York has to offer.

The Freefall

​In freefall, have fun with your videographer!
​This is your experience and we're here to make it as memorable as we can.
​You have approximately 45 seconds to geek the camera so get your smiles ready!

The Parachute Ride

When it’s time to deploy your parachute, the next part of the skydive begins. During a scenic 5-7 minute canopy ride back to the landing zone you will literally feel on top of the world as your instructor guides you to the ground. You can wave to your family and friends waiting in the spectator area as your instructor lands the parachute system. Before your feet even touch the ground, you'll be anticipating your next jump.

What are the requirements to skydive?


Why Choose Skydive The Falls?

For those looking to make their first skydive, or are a tandem skydiver looking to learn more about our sport we offer courses, instruction, and organizing to advance any skydiver from beginner to expert level in all disciplines of skydiving.
Our experienced staff hold the highest accolades and ratings and is comprised of nationally recognized coaches and instructors. Combined, they have decades of working in the skydiving industry. Managed and operated by fellow skydivers, our goal is to guide each student, or tandem jumper in becoming a proficient, and safe skydiver.

Need more convincing?

We are the Only skydiving center that offers flights over Niagara Falls on each ride to altitude.
On each flight we join the Niagara Falls scenic flight pattern giving you unparalleled views.
We skydive from the highest altitude in Western New York, 12,000ft!
We specialize in first time tandem skydiving with the highest quality product available in the area.
We are the closest skydiving center to Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario.
Owned and Operated by highly recognized and rated Professional Skydivers
We are a Fun, Relaxed, Family Friendly Environment
Minutes from Niagara Falls, the famous Niagara Wine Trail, the city of Buffalo, Lake Ontario, Fort Niagara, Lake Erie, Canada, Artpark, The Devils Hole State Park, Hiking, Biking, and other outdoor adventure attractions just to name a few!

Don't forget once in a lifetime unparalleled Scenic Views of Niagara Falls!!!

Don't Wish you had done it..... DO IT!

Group member of the United States Parachute Association